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Tiny Robot

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jamie's Robot Nation

This weekend was Jamie's birthday. As well as receiving an electronically controlled robot arm, he spent a couple of hours designing his very own 3D-Printed robot.

Electronically controlled Robot Arm
At MyRobotNation you can design, and print, a custom robot. It's very cool. If you have not heard of 3D Printing before, it's like inkjet printing, but in 3D. The object is built up layer by layer, either in plastic, powder or resin. It sets hard, and you have a real object in your own. Some people say that we'll all have 3D Printers in our own soon.

Jamie's Robot Nation
Jamie's robot will be printed on a ZCorp 3D printer. It's prints the object in a special powder bed, and can do so in full color. It's too expensive a machine to have one of these in the home yet, but you can buy cheaper printers that work in plastic.

Expensive ZCorp 3D printer
Three of the most popular home printers - which are about the price of a good PC, are the Cube, the MakerBot, and the Ultimaker.

Cube 3D printer
Ultimaker 3D printer
MakerBot 3D printer

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