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Tiny Robot
Tiny Robot

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Scary Robot Invasion

Jamie Young recently built a ROBOMECH kit. Its a wooden robot, that walks, and, you put it together yourself. It's pretty cool because it has red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as eyes. We thought about making a short film of the ROBOMECH, turning the light off and using a touch to create some scary shadows. We think it worked really well. What do you think?

Jitterbugs - Vibrating Moving Robots

Jitterbugs are vibrating robots ... that move. Yes, that's right. They vibrate, don't have wheels, but still manage to get around. How so? Well, the vibration in the body (created by a small motor with off-center weight attached to the rotor) is transmitted to flexible legs which move back and forwards in small ways, yet it all adds up to BIG movements. It's a physical principle which we need to learn more about. Take a look at a Jitterbug in action in this video below. Watch carefully, there is nothing touching the table, yet the movement is surprisingly quick.

Hex Bug demo

While out shopping one day, we noticed a pile of strange bug looking robots. They looked cool, so as bought one home, and tried it out. It responds to touch, and sound, by changing its direction. Hex Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. Go get some and have fun.